December book sales confirm: the paperback is not dead

After Amazon reported in Autumn that it was selling more e-books than paperback, sales of physical books went up over the Holiday season.

But the paperback is not dead, even though sales have gradually declined since reaching an all time peak in 2007. This year was the best for print books since 2009.

Even though in the first ten months of the year, sales followed the usual pattern, as the paperback lost ground against e-books, consumer trends changed during Christmas season.

2 thoughts on “December book sales confirm: the paperback is not dead

  1. I’m very interested to see what irevuo is going to be all about! I’m torn about the printed material vs. e-book debate… on the one hand, I much prefer an actual book in my hands and I have several jammed-up bookcases to prove it. On the other hand, I just published my first novel this year and it’s good to have it in both print and electronic formats to reach as big of an audience as possible. I still hope that paperbacks never disappear completely 🙂


  2. However, books are a classic holiday gift, often by people who do not know each other well. Shortly thereafter, goodwills and used bookstores recive numerous unwanted books in turn. A better measure of how paper vs. e-books are holding up would be over a longer time, or to review sales at different times of the year.


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