Unearthing Photographers – Introduction

If you read this article on Cristian Mihai’s blog, you’ve already met me. At one point during the interview, I mentioned something along the lines of going out there, browsing and filtering through content in order to find photographers that simply aren’t known, but they should be, at least a little bit. Consider this post the introduction to what will become a weekly series of interviews about photography, sort of.

So, how do I filter? how do I determine who is worthy and who isn’t? Unfortunately, being completely unbiased is, honestly, out of the question, my personal preferences will interfere, but I can at least make an effort to be as neutral as possible. But does it really matter? In the end I will make a post about someone I don’t know, who wants to be exposed and for nothing in return, just because that’s what irevuo is all about. I think that is a pretty great idea, and something quite original.

The kind of photographer I’m hoping to find is someone that may not even be aware of his or her talent, think of it more like an experiment. Not really knowing what I will find is what makes this idea for a weekly series so exciting for me.

By next week, I’ll have the first real article in this series ready. I will find an aspiring photographer and get him or her to do an interview for us, talk about his or hers work, that kind of thing. Obviously, I will explain what the reasoning behind my choice was, in order to keep things more engaging.

That’s all until next week, and I hope I’ve piqued your interest. For the sake of having an image together with this post, I’ll leave you in the company of Henri Cartier-Bresson.

6 thoughts on “Unearthing Photographers – Introduction

  1. This makes me remind myself of the fight I’ve been through these 2 years for getting a camera and still have no lights on getting one.
    Shame : maybe I could have had a chance…


    1. I think that if this is something you feel strongly about, you should keep pursuing it. And you certainly do not have to buy the most expensive camera out there. You do not even need a digital camera, have you considered buying an old 35mm SLR camera? It may serve you even better, artistically.


      1. I have one. From the 1960. and another from the 80’s plus a little digital camera. But this doesn’t allow me to do what I want…. Because there’s a lot of situations when I need to use a lot of more ISO and poloraziers and filters and besides photography, I would use a camera more for shooting film. This type of cameras need rolls and money to reveal each photo, as I don’t know how to do it at home.
        Also, I like dark scenes, and with a sharp light, like… Caravaggio’s paintings. So I don’t know if this one from the 60’s would let me do anything. : And there’s even the shutter speed, which I like to play with it when I take photos with the camera of a friend of mine.

        But thank you for the suggestion. I apreciated it =)


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