Sean Penn disappointed by Hollywood’s current state

Interviewed by Esquire, Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn criticized his fellow actors for being more interested in making money than art. Penn, who mostly avoids starring in commercially oriented movies, also criticized Hollywood’s reluctance to invest in less financially viable projects.

When comparing Hollywood’s current state with the 70s era of the movie business, he said, “When I was growing up and somebody like Robert De Niro had a movie come out, it was a cultural event. Because he had such a confidence and a single mission that was so intimate. But when people start using themselves as instruments of a kind of consumerist mosh pit, they’re helping that take over. I mean, you are a soldier for it or you’re a soldier against it. That’s all there is to it. And we have so little of that intimacy left, it’s no wonder that interpersonal relationships have become text relationships. It’s a texting orgy. When is somebody gonna sit there, with their mate or their child, and just look them in the eye and say, ‘I love you’? When is that life?”

[via The Guardian]

One thought on “Sean Penn disappointed by Hollywood’s current state

  1. Ha! Well done Penn! I have photos of the 70’s and 60’s and so on, with directors and actresses working with their children right beside them, on the behind the scenes. I guess those kids didn’t missed one single “I love you”.
    Besides, about the blindness going on this industry, Well, all I can say is that sometimes you watch a trailer full of explosions, with great kick *** effects, full of jokes in the middle and with great people that you admire on it. (And why wouldn’t you admire them? It seems like the world goes around as they travel in it. So it turns impossible for you to don’t be familiarized with them.)
    But what happens when you get back up? When you stand up before your sit at the cinema and walk away?
    In the most of the times you’re like “All right, so….. What was this all about?”
    It’s sure that LOTR, POTC,POTO,HP, and so many other like Transformers, batman, deserve a high budget and support, ’cause they are not dealing with some ordinary story. They are doing what I call: a tightrope between a total mess and a great award! There’s no other option on these kind of movies.
    But the most of the times. When people write for the big screen, and original story, they don’t get the environment, they don’t glue you to the screen like these lasts do to you. On those you feel like all that you see, feel, hear, is on that screen that you can’t take your eyes off until you suddenly snap into the real world at the end.
    This is not because you haven’t heard of the story. I haven’t read a single book of Tolkien before watching the trilogy. Not even knew about his existence!
    This can only mean that people are more worried about attracting the people to the cinema and get money than worried about the true impact of the project on the people. What an example? “Magic Mike” The whole trailer was basically one only part of the movie, and it was the one that I’ll always recall as the 5€ worthless. It almost makes me remind Skyline. (But at least this one seemed to have a beginning, development and the end, which ended with some sort of suspense ready to say “Continues…”

    Well, I’m talking but I should have no opinion on this. I’m Portuguese. If one day there’s a movie as good as some of the ones I mentioned besides Magic Mike…. Well, on that time I can speak on real cinema.


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